Move away Speaker’s Corner: Bologna has “Lo Sgabellino”

Non potevo non ribloggarlo questo post di Flaneur in Bologna… 🙂 Buona lettura! #Bologna

Flaneur in Bologna

The young woman, she doesn’t look any older than 28, is standing on the stool, “the guy” has just wrapped an Italian flag around her neck and this smooth present gently brushes against her hijab. Standing still on her skinny jeans on skinny legs, she is telling a boy about half her age that, whether he likes it or not, she’s Italian.

«I didn’t want to leave Morocco you know, I was a happy kid playing with her friends and her animals in the country. If you have to blame someone, blame my dad for bringing me here. But I grew to love Italy, I studied and worked here most of my life,  this is my country and I love it. Yet I am glad that you are telling me what you think».

Even if he’s just said, basically, that «Everything’s because of the immigrants». Everything what? Just…

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7 thoughts on “Move away Speaker’s Corner: Bologna has “Lo Sgabellino”

  1. Lo sgabellino! Ignoravo. Cosa molto civile e simpatica, oasi nel crescendo di barbarie generale. Ondata che, tutto sommato, non è la prima della nostra Storia nazionale. E con questo non è che voglia consolarmi o consolare, anzi.
    (Nota: È un inglese che sono riuscito a capire perfino io, sì, tranne qualche parola, ma insomma… vero che adesso sto sudando…)

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      1. Eddai! Adesso mi ringrazi pure? E quando mai? Che poi dovrei essere io a ringraziare te e via col ping pong che finisci in osceno scambio di emoticon… Brrrrrrr!!!!
        Dov’è finita la Mrs. Garrick, che quella sì, quella….

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